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Don’t take just our word for it, check out what others have to say about The Best Fly Protection on the Planet!

The Equine Insider said:

“I’m impressed with the Shoofly Leggins and how well they work. Whisper was clearly more comfortable with them. Paired with a fly sheet and a fly mask, your horse could probably go out in the worst flies and still be comfortable.”5865502

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Last Chance Farm, a horse boarding facility in Pine Grove, PA, has wonderful thing to say about Shoofly Leggins:

In one word – FANTASTIC! Your horse can be protected from biting flys by utilizing Shoo-Fly Leggins. All of the horses and donkeys on the farm are wearing leg protectors with excellent results!…. Due to the plastic insert in the leg protectors they do not slide or scrunch down. The loose fit allows for air circulation and the flies do NOT crawl down inside. None of the horses hacassieLegginsd Bot eggs on their legs this year. We tried other fly protectors but we found that they slipped down, resulting in less protection, loss of leg protectors, and collection of dirt and debris….We have yet to replace any leggins.

We thought we would share this “complaint” from Julia Whalen in Minnesota:

“Hi, My name is Jenny, and I have a complaint. I share a pasture with two horses, and both of them got very nice looking orange Shoofly Leggins this year. Not only do they look great, but they come up far enough that they don’t have to do Jennyall that stomping to keep the flies off. My complaint is that as a mini-donkey, you don’t have something that fits ME! All the fashionable full size equines are comfy, and I’m stuck getting bitten by flies and wearing poor fitting Cashells. It’s just not fair! “

Well Jenny is being told by her owner, Julia Whalen, hat she will have her own set of mini Shoofly Leggins! New for 2015 we will be offering mini and draft sizes, so order early (after January 1) to get your own mini a pair! Thanks for sharing with us, Jenny and Julia!

Sthomas shared on a vendor’s review page:

#1 pick. There really are none better. I’m so glad your back!!!!!!!!!!

….. as did Katie:

These are simply the best fly leggings. They stay up, don’t rub and stay on. I have them for my paddock and pasture horses. I highly recommend!”

…and Brandee!

I love these fly leggings. They stay up and don’t rub and prevent my horse from stomping her hooves apart.

On the Chronicle of the Horse discussion board, Shoofly Leggins are…

Two thumbs up for Shoofly Leggings!! I wholeheartedly agree about Shoofly Leggings! We’ve been wearing them for the past 5 years – every summer from about May – Oct on his front legs only. Farrier recommended them to keep him from stomping/destroying his hooves. A pair generally lasts 1-2 seasons. Never slip down. Horse typically hasn’t been able to get them off.

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